The Wide World Of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly of diseases. In USA and other developed nations, cancer kills almost 25% of people. This number is more in poorer third world countries. In cancer, the cells through a process of mutation, start to divide endlessly. Creating internal problems and finally death. It is a hard battle that one needs to fight against this terrible enemy. Both expensive and time consuming, many of the poorer nations today do not have cancer treating facilities leading to the painful death of many thousands of individuals.

There are many types of cancers. Basically, the disease can be divided into 2 broad categories. Adult cancers and childhood cancers. Adult cancers include Lung cancer and ovarian cancer.

Cancer can also occur in young children and adolescents, but it is rare. Child Cancer; especially leukemia, is on an upward trend. Though some studies have not shown this, others done over a longer scale of time have so indicated. The age of peak incidence of cancer in children occurs during the first year of life. Leukemia is one of the types that can occur. The other types include the central nervous system cancers, lymphomas, and rhabdomyosarcoma.

How is such a terrible disease caused? Cell division is a physiological process that occurs in almost all tissues and under many circumstances. Normally the balance between growth and programmed cell death is tightly regulated to ensure the integrity of organs and tissues. Mutations in DNA that lead to cancer disrupt these orderly processes.

The uncontrolled and often rapid proliferation of cells can lead to either a benign tumor or a malignant tumor (cancer). Benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body or invade other tissues, and they are rarely a threat to life unless they compress vital structures. Malignant tumors on the other hand are more dangerous and they often invade other organs, spread to distant locations and become life-threatening.

Can it be treated? Yes, Cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Allopathic treatments like Chemotherapy have proved to be successful against cancer. There are many types of strong chemicals and radiation that help in fighting against cancer.

Today however other methods have emerged which show promise in fighting off cancer. Psychologists believe in curing cancer through thought processes. By having a positive frame of mind, they believe that this disease can be fought.

Meditation techniques like reiki that help in awakening inner forces are also proving to be very beneficial.

An unconventional treatment for this disease is laughter therapy. There is a very touching story about how one person got over this disease just through having fun. Norman Cousins was diagnosed by a form of life threatening tissue disease or a form of cancer. He started and experimented by watching and enjoying Marx brother movies. Six months later, he was up and perfect astonishing his doctors.

No matter how terrible the disease is, love, friendship and laughter can find a cure. Hope and courage are an individual’s best friends at any time and it is no different when some one is diagnosed with cancer. If one has no panic and fights the disease with a joyous spirit and complete healing will be a guarantied possibility.

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