Health checks every women should get done at least once a year

A woman’s health affects her total well-being and that only comes with regular physical as well as mental screening. Therefore, we present to you five medical checkups that must feature in every woman’s calendar!
Women health issues have witnessed immense visibility since the last few decades. While having a healthy diet and following a fitness regime helps in keeping a track on your well-being, it is equally important to schedule regular visits to your family doctor. So, we present to you five medical checkups that must make place in your calendar.

Pap Smear and Pelvic Test

As cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, it is advisable to go for these tests at least once a year. The Pap Smear exam is a screening test for detecting changes in the cervix and for abnormal cells that could eventually progress to cancer. Along with the Pap Smear test, the doctor also performs the Pelvic Exam. This exam is conducted to examine the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries for tenderness or masses.

Bone Mineral Density Test

Women have a risk of developing osteoporosis, (a condition in which the bones become fragile and brittle) as they tend to have smaller and thinner bones. In addition, the estrogen levels decrease when women approach menopause, which causes bone loss. This Bone Density Screening helps in gauging the bone strength and helps in managing the risk of osteoporosis better.

Breast Exams

As per a Who health report, women between in the age bracket of 20-59 years are highly susceptible to breast cancer. Therefore, it is vital that you take breast exams on a routine basis. In a breast exam, the doctor physically examines the breasts for lumps or abnormalities.

Urine Calcium Test
Calcium is one of the most essential mineral in the body. It is used by the body to build and repair bones and teeth and helps nerves, heart, and muscles to function properly. Women need to have a higher intake of calcium than men do, as they are prone to thinning of bones and weakness. Therefore, it is advisable for you to undergo a urine calcium test every year, in order to measure how much calcium is passed out of the body through urine.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Test
With the increasing age of a woman, signs of iron deficiency like fatigue, restlessness, shortness of breath and dizziness become a common feature. Therefore, it is advisable to visit your doctor for an Iron Deficiency Anemia Test on a regular basis. In order to diagnose the iron deficiency anemia, the doctor will view your complete blood count and hemoglobin level.

Health related challenges might continue to persist but prevention is always better than cure. So, next time do not hesitate from scheduling your regular health screenings. After all, health is wealth!

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