Can There Be A HPV Cure

Are you aware that there are more than 20 million people in the world with an HPV infection. Its also frightening to understand that there is no HPV cure. With HPV, you might not experience or detect any signs and symptoms. Many of the people who have it, might not even be aware that they do.

HPV or Human papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease. Having vaginal, anal sex or even oral sex is the only way that you are able to get this STD. Your partner may have HPV and not even be conscious of it.

HPV can be easier to detect in a woman than it’s in a man. A pap test can find strains which occasionally leads to cervical cancer. If these strains reveal that you have HPV, then there will be another check to try and find out if you have this STD. It can also be detected through the vaginal hpv warts. Genital warts are not always found in people with HPV.

In males the only feasible way to know they have HPV is through visible genital warts with cauliflower-like growth. Some times, you will find no warts in people with HPV. This makes it harder to diagnose a man with this STD.

Considering this and wondering if you are one of from 20 million people out there who have HPV, may make you worry. You might even begin to panic to learn that there are no cures for this STD. The only thing you can do is allow HPV to treat itself, without requiring any remedy. People who have wholesome immune systems can expect the HPV to be resolved in about two years. For those who have weak immune system or who are smokers, can expect to wait a little bit longer.

For those people who have genital warts because of the HPV you will find some remedies available. Maintain in mind this is just to treat the genital warts not the actual HPV infection. Remedies include: topical creams, burning of the warts, and even freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. Some doctors may even do surgery to remove the warts.

Those cases, where a pap smear detects cervical abnormalities, can also be treated. Again, this only treats those abnormalities, not the real HPV. These could be treated by eliminating the affected tissue preventing it from becoming cancerous. If you are a female who has been diagnosed with HPV, the only thing you can really do is watch and wait. Watch, to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be cancerous, and wait for it to resolve on its own.

Even though there is no HPV cure, and is often undetected, you do have choices to avoid getting it. The most effective, yet less used method is abstinent. Another choice is condoms, yet not as efficient. Another preventative technique is an HPV shot. This shot will only help prevent it, not treat individuals who already have an HPV infection.

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