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StemLab™ – The Only Complete Laboratory Manufacturing Software Solution for Cellular Therapy StemLab™ is designed to help manage data created by: Cellular Therapy Laboratories Cord Blood Banks Biotech Companies Cryopreservation Laboratories

Posted by admin in UX , Followed with Comments Off I do not consider shared experiences as often as I should while being immersed in a design problem. What grabbed my attention was the acknowledgement and subsequent reaction from 2:50 in the video. Shared Experiences of Absurdity I often marry my training from Content, Human Computer Interaction, and Social Computing while visualizing a solution. The […] Read More …Posted by admin in UX , Followed with Comments Off If this exists, I would like to know! But if not, won’t it be cool for mobile… Read Article →

Most people would love to get Six Pack Abs. It is however not easy to get that sexy abdominal area as most people think. There are promises almost everywhere on how you can easily get the six pack abs of which some of them are false while a few can give you the expected results. Here are some Secrets to Building 6 Pack Abs on how to build six pack abs fast or even just get the flat belly by combining a solid fitness routine, healthy eating, endurance and specific exercise, which we’ll discuss later.How… Read Article →

You are here: Home / Blog / Somanabolic Fitness / Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer – Get Your Best Body Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer – Get Your Best Body October 9, 2012 by admin   Filed under Somanabolic Fitness Leave a Comment We all want to build muscle, but no one wants to gain fat. When bulking up, the general process is that you bulk and then cut, meaning you workout and build muscle along with fat, and then you cut just the fat and not the muscle. Confusing? Yes. What if there was a way to avoid… Read Article →