Gmo’s gotta go

GMO’s gotta go. This franken fooding is the bane of our existence. If you’re smart you’ve been following Anna’s radio show Mad Science, The Genetic Crossroad. She’s kicking ass with it and doing a great job at educating the public. (I’s got no complaints on getting to hear her pretty voice every week either!!! I digress.) I knew about the screwing around with our food but I didn’t know half of what I’ve learned from her show and I’m pissed off about it!!! We all should be pissed off about this!!! What’s got me on my rant tonight was decided to do a GMO free Easter. Guess what? Couldn’t be done without giving up the main staples of my families holiday meals and traditions. You can get a lot of organic brands but not everything and good luck getting organic meat. I looked organic meat companies up online. $20 bucks for 1 8 oz organic steak??? I called some meat markets in my area and they all said they used to sell organic meat but it was so expensive they couldn’t afford to keep selling it and had to cut their prices just to get rid of the inventory they used to have. If you’re a money bags you can eat GMO free I guess but you’d still be giving up a lot of stuff. Why are grocery stores loading up all the shelves with this toxic shit?? Here’s the choice as far as I can see. Either go without or poison yourself. GREAT!!! Aspartame is GMO and in it’s everything so what are the drink options? Diet soda. OUT. Diet powder drink mixes. OUT. Water. That’s your drink for the rest of your life and nothing else if you don’t want GMO or you can spend a lot of money on organic fruit and drink fruit juice all the time. If you’re diabetic or avoiding carbs then too bad it’s water for you. Is this Nazi Germany? What the hell? Only in America. Shelves full of toxic shit for sale all for the bargain of your life. Step right up and pick your poison!!!

All that’s just part of it and the superficial part I guess. The real thing is this big lie that GMO is safe. BS. It’s not safe. It causes tumors, makes rats go infertile and a lot of other bad problems. I just read something the real effects we won’t see for 3 or 4 generations. SOUNDS JUST LIKE ANNA’S CORD OF CALLOWS DOESN’T IT???? Why is the FDA trying to kill us???? I guess they think it doesn’t matter if its not an immediate death. Kill us slowly over a few decades until our DNA is so FK’ed up we start reproducing diseased humans until we end up not being able to reproduce at all. Good plan!!! Why are 8 year old girls going through puberty now and punching out kids at age 11??? I’m no doctor but that ain’t right.

┬áIn one of Anna’s shows she talked about the morons getting their glutton fix by siphoning off the cash cow known as Monsanto and having us all believe they’re innocent in doing everything in the name of science. That’s as BS as their franken food is. I’m talking about universities and research depts. and I happen to know first hand that this stuff actually does happen. They’ll say anything to keep their grant money rolling in. My old roommate at college was a grad student working in a chem lab and they were getting financial support from a lot of local companies who expected their backs scratched in return. He ended up quitting because there was some shady stuff going on where if the dept. didn’t do what it was asked then the dept. wouldn’t have the resources to keep going and the plug would get pulled. It was blackmail straight up and I don’t know how that kind of BS is even legal but it’s going on everywhere. This crap happens all the time and it’s usually the most respected that are the worst offenders. Trace back any report that says franken food is safe and I guarantee you they’ll be some link up to Monsanto or one of the other money grubbing companies feeding us poison while they don’t even serve it to the people that work for them. DING DING DING DONG!!!

Anna talked about how in the US the GMO thing is going crazy but around the world everybody knows to keep away from this crap. If we’re so dumb and yum yum dependent not to see what the hell Monsanto and the feds are doing in this country then maybe we should be wiped off the map. Wake up America, we’re eating poison and lining the pockets of the assholes feeding it to us!!! They aren’t feeding it to their kids but we are!!!

If you don’t know about Anna’s show you should be smart and listen even though you won’t like what you learn.

Happy Easter Monsanto. Thanks for the toxins. Happy Easter Mr. Pres. Thanks for ignoring your pissed off public and signing some crazy bill to protect the devil. Thanks FDA for being the best in Failure, Deception and Asshattery.

Being poisoned,

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