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Tramadol is a non-opioid prescription pain relief medication that is meant to help alleviate moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol is a synthetic analgesic, not an anti-inflammatory, which means that people who cannot take anti-inflammatories do to their side effects, can often take Tramadol to help relieve their pain. Tramadol is the generic of the prescription drug Ultram. Tramadol is used for the relief of moderate to sever pain. Tramadol is an analgesic that can not only be used to treat pain, but prevent pain as well. How to Take Tramadol You should follow the… Read Article →

Author Philip Yee provides a basic overview of the drug tramadol. He discusses what tramadol is used for, how it is used, side effect warnings and other vital information about the drug. When a patient is experiencing moderate to severe pain, one drug that doctors often prescribe is tramadol. Like many drugs, it is possible to find tramadol online. Tramadol is a type of drug that is known as an opiate agonist; it changes the way in which the body senses and processes pain. When used as directed, tramadol is a very effective way to… Read Article →

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Every book project (at least every book project I’ve ever worked on) is governed by two factors: deadline and budget. Most projects observe a 75/92 ratio, whereby 75% of a project is dictated by its deadline, and 92% of a project is dictated by what the budget can accommodate. Trust me when I say there is nothing wrong with my math. Many art and photography books originate because an artist is preparing for a future exhibit, and is looking for a book to document that exhibit. The book at the center of this blog—Havana—is no… Read Article →

GMO’s gotta go. This franken fooding is the bane of our existence. If you’re smart you’ve been following Anna’s radio show Mad Science, The Genetic Crossroad. She’s kicking ass with it and doing a great job at educating the public. (I’s got no complaints on getting to hear her pretty voice every week either!!! I digress.) I knew about the screwing around with our food but I didn’t know half of what I’ve learned from her show and I’m pissed off about it!!! We all should be pissed off about this!!! What’s got me on… Read Article →

Honda Vario 125 Injeksi Akan Hadir Maret Post on February 24th, 2012   Dibaca : 344 Kali Jakarta – Honda dipastikan siap menghadirkan varian skutik anyar merek yaitu Honda Vario 125i. Menurut rencana, awal atau pertengahan bulan Maret motor anyar ini siap mengaspal di tanah air. Motor baru ini adalah sebuah motor yang benar-benar baru dengan mesin yang juga baru, karena bukan lagi memakai mesin 110 cc namun mesin 125 cc yang sudah dilengkapi sistem injeksi. Di Thailand sendiri generasi baru Honda Vario125i  itu telah lahir dengan nama Honda New Click 125i. Motor ini mengambil… Read Article →

Product Description Hampton Forge 52-piece Kitchen Starter Set contains everything you need to cook and entertain in one box. This is the perfect gift for a new Grad or wedding. The set includes an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicer, 8-inch bread , 5.25-inch boning, 5.25 utility, 4-1/2-inch vegetable, 12 – 4-1/2-inch steaks, 3-inch parer,shears, 14 slot block, 5-piece measuring cup, 5-piece measuring spoons, cheese grater, can opener, cutting board 6 x 10, cork screw, salt and peper shaker, strainer, ice cream scoop, vegetable peeler, bagel holder, slotted spoon, solid spoon, small slotted spoon, small solid… Read Article →