Side effects of actos

General information
Actos was approved on July 1999 and was used for treatment of endocrinology. Actos was approved for treatment of the type II diabetes. It is known as an insulin sensitizing agent.

Actos should be taken once a day and it has four therapy indications. It can be used as mono-therapy, can be combined with insulin, with metformin, or sulfonylureas to help improve the contol or the management of the blood sugar level of people with type II diabetes.

The Food and Drug Association approved the said drug basing it to a review data form of previous existing studies regarding the drug. The studies were conducted before the drug has been submitted by the company to FDA and the study involves almost more than a thousand people who used actos. In the study, people involved used actos and every trial results to the significant reduction of their blood sugar or blood glucose level.

Side effects
The most common side effects that can be experienced using the use of actos are symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. It also includes headache, sinusitis, muscle pain, tooth disorder, and sore throat. However, some serious effects such as swelling of ankles, hands, wrist and fist can also be experienced as well as weight gain. Fluid retention that can cause heart failure and the later connection of the possible risk of bladder cancer is now also being studied by the FDA as side effects of the said drug.

Additional Data
Patients with the type II diabetes usually have high levels of bad cholesterol and low level of good cholesterol in their body. These abnormalities can be possible cause of heart disease. The actos also works as a balancer of the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the body whether through mono-therapy or with combination to other treatments. However, taking actos also requires patient to have regular check ups and tests for precautionary measures.

Since the controversy about the link of the actos drug to bladder cancer burst in public, UK has been following and observing the results and the studies that are undergoing to prove the case.

Actos is also being sold in UK especially in Canada so they are keenly following all of the reports regarding the said drug. Several reviews have been conducted in the country on the effects of Actos. In this country, the materials given indicate that there are really risks but are rarely present. However, the FDA insisted that the drugs should come out with particular warnings and labels that can inform users of the side effects that might actually happen in the long time frame of using the drug.

The Health Canada, which is the equivalent of the U.S FDA have also been monitoring the risk of the said drug in a continuous basis. According to them, there is a minimal state of the drug causing bladder cancer, although they also emphasized that there are certain alternatives that doctors can offer for diabetic patients. But at this point, Actos have been very effective in treating type II diabetes unlike other medicines.

In addition to that statement, it is also said that actos works in situations where other drugs are not effective. Since the tests are not yet finished and evidences are not yet clear on the connection of the drug to the negative effect, UK will continue to consider all possible updates that can either clean the name of the drugs or make it totally be banned in the market. At this point, they will continue to review relevant studies regarding the issue. Also, all of the safety factors will be considered in evaluating the Actos drugs efficiency.

In cases where needs arises, UK will be giving out ample information for patient to rely on.

Despite of the many controversies that the drug Actos is facing, some doctors still prescribe actos for other reasons.

People might be running away or avoiding actos because of the side effects that it can cause, others just use it for lighter reason. A recent study came out and informed doctors that the drug actos can be prescribed to women who are having hard time or having problems in getting pregnant. This is for the reason that one side effect that actos have is it causes pregnancy. For this, it is believed that actos can help infertile women to conceive even after their menopause.

At this point, many women are having hard time in pregnancy. They have to have normal and balanced hormone to be pregnant. And in these times, there are many factors that makes a woman hormonal imbalance. Usually, insulin is just considered as a cure for a certain disease but actually, insulin is considered a hormone. For this, we can say that insulin, aside from affecting the sugar level of a person, can also affect their ovulation, which is an essential process in pregnancy. Actos can really induce ovulation for it can make it more regular that can lead to higher chance of pregnancy.

However, although actos can help in pregnancy, it is not recommended for infertility cure. It can only help in some cases. Also, the side effects of it in pregnant women have not yet included to the study. Because of this, using actos cannot really assure a person on what effects can it bring to the living human inside the womb. Birth defects can occur because the drug has not been tested yet in cases of pregnancy. Whatever reasons people have in taking actos drugs is, or even other drugs, they have to dear in mind that side effects are always there.

Doctors in different countries are now advising their patients to drop the use of Actos and are now giving them alternatives to cure diabetes.

This is because of the news coming out regarding the possible increased risk of bladder cancer. Although there is no clear evidence yet regarding the truth behind the actos connection to bladder cancer, it is the safest way to not use the drug for the mean time while studies are still on the process.

These doctors are waiting for the conclusion of the Food and Drug Association on the side effect of the said drug. The existing issue is that Actos carries a possible increase on the risk of having bladder cancer if it is used for more than a year and when used with high dosage. As for now, the United States is still in the process of deliberation on what to do about the drugs.

According to some Doctors that are part of the investigation of the drug, there are evidences present in the linking of the drug to bladder cancer, the problem is that these evidences are conflicting which added to the original problem, this may lead to additional confusion to the public that is why the FDA is not yet giving updates up to now. The good thing here is many doctors are refraining from prescribing the said drug to their patients as precautionary measures.

Since they are not sure of the possible effects that their patients will get from using the drug, they have decided to not use it why the trials are still on-going. However, what is alarming is that, people who are using the actos might abruptly stop their usage due to the news coming out. This is not a good thing. People who are currently using the drug must consult doctors first before they do any action so that their doctors can give them certain alternatives and their body will not react in a bad way.

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