A few more academy awards thoughts…

I saw the strangest billboard on my way home from work the other day. It was on Sunset Blvd. It had a picture of George W. Bush and several Hollywood stars including Barbara Streisand and Michael Moore. The headline read “W. still got elected – Thank you Hollywood”. A link to a Citizens group was included at the bottom of the page. I read recently that several pro-Bush groups were planning to picket the Academy Awards. But the billboard is far from Hollywood and Highland. The picture is so bad of Bush that I wondered if they were making fun of him. As I watch tonight, I am interested to see if there are actual protesters or more signs.

As I drove to work on Friday, I continued to struggle with traffic due to the Academy Awards. I was in the middle lane as I slowly drove by the Kodak theater. I got a nice view of the red carpet and the life-sized Oscar in front. The man driving in front of me wanted to take a picture of Oscar. So he rolled down the passenger window (he had kids in the car) and set up his shot. As you might expect, a car drove in to his shot just as he took it (remember he is in the middle lane)! So he set up the shot again, and a car drove through just as he clicked. I didn’t honk because I was fascinated with him – how long could he continue to set up shots in the middle lane and be shocked as a car drove past him in the right lane? Well, it continued for 3 more pictures then he angrily zoomed forward and I continued on to work.

Posted by Shana at February 27, 2005 01:49 PM

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