The best criteria for selecting marketing hires and outsource teams

Whether you’re bringing a new employee on-board or drawing on the strengths of a consulting team, most business people without marketing backgrounds struggle to decide on the best way to compare and select from the candidates they are considering. There really is one best way to do this.

No criteria is more effective than the past performance of the person or team. The main reason you’re getting additional resources is to achieve results that are important to your business. You’re ultimately looking to increase:
1. Revenues – Through the generation of more leads and the conversion of more prospects to customers
2. Profits – By boosting revenues efficiently

Lead generation is primarily a function of marketing. Closing more customers comes from a combination of marketing and sales efforts. Profits increase when the added revenues are leveraged by smart and effective marketing investment.

You’ve interviewed people who said “I did such-and-such for five years.” That’s a danger sign. Did they have the same one year of experience, and repeat it five times? Did they get any results or simply go through the motions? Few marketing people measure what they achieve. Fewer still can show continuous increases in the results they’ve attained. Ask them.

Colleges accept new students whose high school performance suggests they’ll continue that going forward. Professional sports teams draft players who performed well (measured precisely) in their recent situations.

You’re bringing on help to get more results. Work with people who have done exactly that.

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