Ada compliance review corp.

ADA Lawsuits
are reaching epidemic levels in San Diego. Nearly every day,
more business are hit with threats of lawsuits and settlement
demands that are usually $5,000 – 1,000 dollars or more. NO
BUILDINGS ARE GRANDFATHERED! Unless you have had your business
evaluated by an ADA professional, you very well may be targeted
for one of these lawsuits. And it can be over something as
simple as an incorrect type of door knob, a loose door mat, or
lack of a handicap sign near your front door.

How do you
avoid ADA Lawsuits?

ADA Compliance Review Corp. provides business
and commercial property owners with the information they need to
transform their facility into ADA-friendly destinations.
Lawsuits filed over violations of the ADA have increased year
after year. The estimated total cost of these lawsuits is
approaching $29 Billion. Lawsuits typically request $4,000 per
infraction. A single bathroom can add up to 2,000, 6,000
even $24,000 for simple items that are inches out of place.

If you
are concerned that your business may become the subject of a
lawsuit, but you aren’t sure where to turn, we can help.


ADA Compliance Review Corp. performs
inspections of individual
businesses and commercial properties, and provides clients with
detailed reports illustrating what needs to be done to create a
facility that complies with ADA regulations. And a lot of the
costs associated with improvements to your businesses may be
recoverable in the form of tax credits and

Call today to discuss your facility. Even if you are confident
that your facility is compliant, you may be at risk. Arrange for
an inspection of your facility up to 3,000 square feet. If we
don’t find any violations, YOU DON’T PAY. There will be
absolutely no charge for the inspection. 

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