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American Holistic Medicine Association Home Page

Possibly the most comprehensive site for homeopathic educational services. Created
by Dr. Dana Ullman, this site provides dozens of other links (with descriptions)
for homeopathic education and alternative medical treatment.

Frequently updated link with over 600 pages.

Contains online Awareness Through MovementВ® lessons, articles, about the
method, books, tapes, and links to other FeldenkraisВ® sources.

Women Writing for (a) Change in Cincinnati, Ohio

Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology offering pathways to engage in self-exploration
and development.

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA)

The Guided Imagery Resource Center.
Extensive selection of quality tapes, books and CDs on physical, and emotional

The Association for Humanistic Psychology offers services, publications and
educational events, which value authenticity, choice, self-responsibility,
empathy, mutual
responsibility,and the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Focusing on those aspects of health and lifestyle helpful to
Highly Sensitive Person”. Site created by a friend and
of our Center.

Awareness method and touch training for animals using a non-dominance

Hands-on bodywork system designed by an Osteopathic physician to
align the subtle energy body with your physical structure.

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