Brain teaser to test your attention and memory: Can you identify Apple’s logo? + MORE

Time for SharpВ­Brains’ March e-newsletter, wrapping up this month’s key neuВ­roВ­science studies, neuВ­rotechВ­nolВ­ogy news and brain fitness insights.
Upcoming events

Final 24 hours to join brain development & ADHD online course at early bird rates
NeuroGaming + ESCoNS Summit 2015 (May 5–7; San Francisco)

New research

To improve academic outcomes, children with ADHD need both medication and non-medication treatments
Enhancing brain functioning, and preventing cognitive decline, via diet, exercise and cognitive training
An innovative telehealth service to provide high quality ADHD treatment
New ways to detect and treat “chemo brain” symptoms common in around 35% of breast cancer survivors

New tools

FDA-cleared mobile brain monitoring tools to detect cognitive impairment
Non-invasive brain stimulation meets nanotechnology
Brain waves help predict stress-related sleep problems
Digital health–with a brain twist–sees increased military adoption
Tracking brain games’ data to measure cognitive and emotional traits?
Upcoming market report on Pervasive Neurotechnology

Enjoy the spring!

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